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Are you ready to start liv­ing with­out a depen­den­cy on read­ing glass­es? If so, KAMRA Inlay might be the right pro­ce­dure for you. The KAMRA eye surgery is ide­al for patients who suf­fer from blur­ry near vision and who no longer want to use read­ing glass­es, read­ers or con­tact lens­es.

Kam­ra eye pro­ce­dure is a cor­rec­tive pro­ce­dure aimed at improv­ing the effects of dimin­ish­ing near vision which occurs dur­ing the eye’s nat­ur­al aging process, or pres­by­opia, by insert­ing a small inlay in the first few lay­ers of one cornea.

The inlay is placed in only one eye, usu­al­ly the non-dom­i­nant eye, so that patients can see both at a dis­tance and close up. The inlay is small­er and thin­ner than a con­tact lens, 3.8 mm in diam­e­ter and 6 microns thick.

The KAMRA inlay has an opaque out­er ring and a tiny cen­tral open­ing. This open­ing is posi­tioned direct­ly in front of the pupil of the eye when implant­ed in the cornea.This open­ing makes sure that only focused light enters the eye, cre­at­ing a pin­hole cam­era effect which expands the range of clear vision and brings near objects into sharp­er focus while main­tain­ing clear dis­tance vision.



The best candidates for KAMRA inlay include:

Patients are not candidates for KAMRA eye surgery if they suffer from the following

Patients are not candidates for KAMRA eye surgery if they suffer from the following

The KAMRA eye surgery pro­ce­dure usu­al­ly lasts for 10–15 min­utes. No stitch­es are need­ed fol­low­ing the pro­ce­dure and heal­ing time will vary from per­son to per­son. How­ev­er, most patients are able to go back to work with­in a day or two of the pro­ce­dure and can expect to see well up close and at dis­tance with­in one to three weeks.

To learn more about KAMRA inlay and find out if you are a good candidate, come into the Black Hills Regional Eye Institute for a consultation and the beginning of a clear, visible life!