Hydrus Microstent

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The Hydrus™ Microstent is a highly effective device implanted to reduce intraocular pressure in patients with mild to moderate primary open-angle glaucoma. Through minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS), Hydrus is implanted into the eye to allow the eye’s natural aqueous fluid to drain through Schelmm’s canal – bypassing the normal trabecular meshwork, where the blockage causing glaucoma is likely to be located.

Microstent ExampleWhy the Hydrus Microstent?

In addition to the HORIZON trial, the Hydrus Microstent has been examined in various national and international studies with both stand-alone glaucoma procedures and cataract-glaucoma procedures. Over 4,000 procedures using the Hydrus Microstent have been performed around the world with patients showing a wide range of glaucoma symptoms.

Hydrus MicrostentThe Hydrus Microstent is approximately the size of an eyelash – small enough that it is typically never felt or seen by patients. Its design allows for continued dilation of and maximum aqueous flow through Schlemm’s canal – reducing intraocular pressure for patients with mild to moderate primary open-angle glaucoma.

Interested in a Minimally Invasive Approach for Glaucoma Relief?

Lowered eye pressure achieved via the Hydrus Microstent can assist in managing glaucoma symptoms for up to two years per device. At the Black Hills Regional Eye Institute, we are dedicated to providing the best care for our patients.  Contact us to learn more about this vision solution. 605-341-9140