LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation

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The LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System is a significant technological shift managing evaporative dry eye.

With a single procedure, applying a combination of directed heat and pulsatile pressure, many find a single treatment effective in relieving the blockage of their Meibomian glands.

LipiFlow treatment is clinically proven with sustained results. In a clinical study, about 79% of patients reported an improvement in overall dry eye symptoms after a single LipiFlow treatment.

LipiFlow Cross Section Diagram                Disposable Unit for LipiFlow

          LipiFlow Cross-Sectional Diagram                          Disposable Unit for LipiFlow

Depending on the severity of your specific condition and your response to treatment, you may need to repeat the LipiFlow treatment periodically as your symptoms return over time.

Dr. Scott Schirber talks about Dry Eyes and the Lipiflow Treatment available here at the Eye Institute.

*This treatment is not covered by insurance and is considered an out-of-pocket expense. Financing is available.

What to Expect During the LipiFlow Treatment

The following describes what you will experience during the LipiFlow treatment:Woman being treated for Dry Eyes
• No eye make-up the day of your procedure.
• Punctal plugs may come out and need to be re-inserted.
• Cosmetic lashes may become loose and fall out from treatment, due to heat being applied
❶ The treatment will begin with you resting in a reclined chair in a procedure room.
❷ 1-2 drops of a mild anesthetic will be placed in the eye(s) to be treated.
❸ The technician will gently fit the LipiFlow disposable with the lid warmer under your eyelids and the eyecup outside your eyelids. You will be asked to close your eyes around the eyepiece.
❹ The LipiFlow device will be activated. You will begin to feel both gentle pressure and warmth on
your eyelid.
❺ The device will become gradually warmer on your eyelids. Once the temperature reaches a therapeutic range, the device will maintain this temperature for 2 minutes at a constant pressure. This is when the glands are being brought to the appropriate temperature to begin melting the blockages within the glands. At the and of 2 minutes, the pressure will be released briefly.
❻ Next, the temperature will be maintained, but the pressure will go through different modes, including slow increasing pressure and pulsation, for several cycles throughout the remaining 10 minutes of treatment. This is done to facilitate removing the blockages from the gland.