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Corneal Procedures

A damaged or diseased cornea can cause enormous vision problems and even blindness. For those individuals in need of a corneal transplant, Black Hills Regional Eye Institute of Rapid City offers a multitude of procedures and techniques to meet the needs of most any patient. Our team of expert physicians has years of training and experience performing corneal transplants using a variety of approaches. During a personal consultation at the Eye Institute, one of our doctors will evaluate your case and determine the proper course of treatment.

Corneal Surgeries

During a corneal transplant, the patient's damaged or diseased cornea is repaired or replaced with donated corneal tissue. There are a variety of corneal transplant procedures available depending on the needs of the patient.

Learn More about Corneal Transplant Surgery

The cornea, along with the lens, makes up two-thirds of the eye's total optical power. With the cornea so crucial to sight, any perceived problems should be taken quite seriously. Black Hills Regional Eye Institute has a team of dedicated medical professionals with years of training and experience diagnosing corneal disease and performing corneal transplant surgery. With a range of treatment options available, we may be able to help you with your corneal transplant. Please contact us today if you are having trouble with your vision; it may be that a corneal transplant at our Rapid City, Eye Institute could correct or even restore your vision.