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At the Black Hills Regional Eye Institute, when one of our esteemed professionals is asked, "Who cares about your vision?" the response is "I care." Hundreds of doctors and patients count on the Eye Institute to provide the very best in diagnosis, treatment, consultation, surgery, research, and education. Eye Institute physicians and staff are honored to serve patients and are sincere in their claim that the phrases "eye care" and "I care" have exactly the same meaning. From general vision screening to laser eye surgery, you can trust the Eye Institute in Rapid City to provide the best possible care.

What Sets Us Apart

The Black Hills Regional Eye Institute is a forty-five-thousand-square-foot facility that houses a state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery center, laser and refractive center, and world-class retina center. In addition to these industry-leading patient care centers, we also have a low vision center that helps patients with diminished vision maintain their independence. And for those in need of corrective lenses, our optical center provides the latest options in prescription eyewear along with an ocularist to help patients with prosthetic eye needs.


The Black Hills Regional Eye Institute is located in Rapid City, South Dakota, and we serve patients in a five-state area including North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Montana. Eye Institute doctors work with local physicians and optometrists in several satellite locations that provide convenient eye care for patients near their homes. The Eye Institute also serves the large Native-American population on the Pine Ridge, Rosebud, and Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Indian Reservations. We are proud to treat patients across the "Great Plains," and help all those in need of laser eye surgery. Besides treating patients, our doctors and staff strive to educate surrounding communities through screenings for glaucoma, dry eye, and children's eye disease. We also conduct professional education seminars for physicians, optometrists, and eye technicians.

Learn More about Laser Eye Surgery

"Visionary eye care. You'll see." is not just a slogan at the Black Hills Regional Eye Institute, it is the philosophy behind the Eye Institute's commitment to all patients. Visit us for an exceptional eye care experience and to determine whether you are a candidate for laser eye surgery. Black Hills Regional Eye Institute in Rapid City is pleased to offer on-time office visits, excellent service and care, convenient payment options, "Direct-to-Doctor" contact, and, most importantly, exceptional results. So whether you desire an eye exam, require laser eye surgery, or simply have further questions for us, contact Black Hills Regional Eye Institute to schedule your personal consultation with one of our many eye care professionals.

Cataract Surgery

Are you developing cataracts or have you been told by an eye doctor that you are in the early stages of developing cataracts? There is no need to panic, Black Hills Regional Eye Institute is here for you. Over the past 30 years there have been huge advances made in Cataract Surgery technology. Black Hills Regional Eye institute has kept up with these advances and offers the latest techniques in bladeless laser Cataract Surgery, known as iLASIK. Cataract Surgery is a safe and relatively simple outpatient procedure where the natural lens inside of the eye that has become cloudy from cataract formation is removed and replaced with an artificial lens, called an Intraocular Lens (IOL). Generally, Cataract Surgery is done on an outpatient basis and normally takes between 15 to 30 minutes. Patients who have had Cataract Surgery experience little to no pain and often can return to their normal routine the following day.
To learn more about the Cataract treatment options available at Black Hills Regional Eye Institute, contact us for a consultation.

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